Supercharge your loyalty & rewards with Web3

Cultos enables any brand to bring their rewards, loyalty programs and influencer marketing to Web3. Launch a branded token and convert your customers into loyal evangelists.

Here’s what you can do with Cultos

Launch your branded token & reward customers

Customize the widget to feel like your brand while keeping it seamless

Consumers get a custodian wallet tied to your ecommerce website

Gamify interactions with customers through a VIP club

Set up your rewards and launch campaigns to encourage customer spend or promote your brand on social channels

How to
get started

Add our widget or use our API to connect to your e-commerce site

One-click install to any shopify enabled ecommerce platforms. API integrations are available to connect with your brand's ecosystem.

Launch your brand token

Easily name, customize and launch your very own branded token. Then use it to begin rewarding your customers for their loyalty.

Launch your campaigns and rewards

Either create your own campaign or select templates to encourage customer referrals or increase their purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

The brand token incentivizes customers already enamoured with your brand to promote to their own network. The vast majority of your customers most likely fall into the ‘nano-influencer’ category of less than 10k followers. Their posts and suggestions to their social network will be received as more authentic and more trusted – leading to better conversions and engagement.
A brand token is a cryptocurrency branded for each organization that joins the Cultos platform. This token is distributed to the customers of the brand who sign up as an incentive for them to act as nano-influencers in their own social networks. The token incentivizes your customer base to stay loyal as it rewards them for the ‘sweat equity’ they put into growing your brand across their niche network of peers who trust them.
You certainly can, but will need to invest in an internal team to build the infrastructure for NFT minting, token generation and tools to monitor user behaviour for rewards, fiat payments, API’s to make NFTs interoperable with your existing digital games or products. Cultos provides a turn-key platform with all these components already available.
The Cultos platform enables a brand or team to select any desired actions available from API’s for mainstream social media channel, as well as offline engagements such as purchasing of brand merchandise or attending brand-sponsored events and many more.
No, Cultos has the existing templates and advisory services needed to identify and configure the right end-user experience to deliver an interactive NFT user-experience for your target consumers.

No, Cultos is interoperable with Ethereum, Flow, and other widely used protocols for NFTs and tokens. This way neither your brand or your customers are locked into our services in perpetuity.

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